SCS Certified Product

This generously sized chair offers seating that is durable, comfortable and attractive. It is ideal for law enforcement occupations where greater seat width is needed for waist-held equipment like holsters, walkie talkies or tool belts. The Pilot is warranted to accommodate weight up to 400 pounds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With loop arms, heavy-duty casters and pneumatic cylinder, ultra-durable engineered plastic base and and 10-ply seat board, the Pilot makes a strong statement.

Click the following link to view the Environmental Data Sheet: Pilot-EDS

Overall 26 1/2"W x 43"-52"H
Back 23 1/2"W
Seat 24"W x 17-19 1/2"D
Seat Ht Range 18" - 23"H
Back Height 25" with 4" adjustment

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Item No. 122PILALC __ __ __ Fabric LVL 1 $663.00
Item No. 122PILALC __ __ __ Fabric LVL 2 $672.00
Item No. 122PILALC __ __ __ Fabric LVL 3 $681.00

Item Number:122PILALC