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Impact Resistant Sneeze Shield

Our shield provides an immediate solution to dividing shared work spaces or adding a layer of protection to designated visitor areas. No installation needed. Some assembly required.

32”H x 31.5”W, ¼ “Inch Thick Acrylic
Access Opening Dimensions: 5”H x 16”W

Care: Clean using a micro-fiber cloth and a plastic safe cleaner such as Novus Plastic Polish #1 and Brillianize Plastic Cleaner or a mild soap. To sanitize, we recommend sBioMed Steriplex, Safetec Wipes, Contec Healthca Perdox or Contect Healthcare PS-911 EB Prostat Sterile Wipes.

With Pass-Through
Item Number:146FIRSSWF-WPT
Price: $150.00
Without Pass-Through
Item Number:146FIRSSWF-NPT
Price: $150.00