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SCS Certified Product

Attractive yet affordable, this stack chair is ideal for many uses and the compact shape requires minimal storage area. Its high back provides exceptional comfort while promoting correct posture. The waterfall seat front doesn't restrict circulation. PC glides plus a built-in handle in the seat back allows for easy lifting, moving and stacking. The steel frame holds its shape allowing Preston chairs to be moved and stored with ease on the optional dolly.

Click the following link to view the Environmental Data Sheet: P-EDS
Overall 19 1/4"W x 21 1/4"D x 31 1/2"H
Seat 18"W x 17 1/2"D
Seat Height 17 1/2"

Floor Stacked 10 Chairs/38 3/4"H
Dolly Stacked 38 Chairs/80"H

Item No. 105MSNG/ __ __/P __ __ No Glide - $54.00
Item No. 105MSH/ __ __ /P __ __ PVC Glides - $56.00
Item No. 105MSG/ __ __ /P __ __ Ganging PVC Glides - $60.00
Item No. 105CSDBL Dolly, Holds 38 chairs - $178.00
No Glides
Item Number:122MSNG/
Price: $54.00
Polycarbonate Glides
Item Number:122MSH/
Price: $56.00
Ganging Polycarbonate Glides
Item Number:122MSG/
Price: $60.00
Item Number:122CSD-BL
Price: $178.00