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Embroidery Services

We recognize that quality and execution of any company's identification, decoration or commemoration has a considerable influence on a consumer's impression of your personalized brand.
Our employees are trained to deliver paramount embroidery services using modern digitizing techniques and equipment that add excitement and innovation to the art of identification and embellishment design.
Whether your challenge is a one-time solution or a variety of products, MCE offers a large range of items including hats, shirts, totes, towels and outerwear that are made to your exact specifications. Customers also have the option of using their own goods.

Add a touch of class to your quality manufactured shirts and outerwear with classic embroidery.  Include the name and logo of your agency, school or organization for a professional branded piece your customers will be proud to wear.
Hats and Accessories:
Hat embroidery can be applied to front, side or back. Bags, totes, briefcases and towels are just a few items that are available. Customers also have the option of using their own materials.