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Cleaning Products


Hand Soap/Sanitizer: MCE offers a selection of soap and sanitizers that aid in the prevention of infections and promote wellness. 

CorrectPac: Offers a complete line of cleaning products. Every CorrectPac product delivers effective cleaning, costs savings and environmentally responsible formulations without VOC's. This system allows you to forecast and document the use of cleaning detergents for accurate and controlled applications. It also helps you monitor inventories and budgets and provides the data necessary for compliance. As a result, fewer products are used, simpifying training and standardizing operations. Color-coded products, accessories and SDS ensure that the right products are used correctly. The use of CorrectPac products may help with the American Correctional Accreditation (ACA) standard.  

GP66:Cleans and degreases just about anything at an affordable cost. This cleaner is biodegradable, concentrated and environmentally friendly. It's a heavy-duty product that can be diluted with water and rinses 100% free of residue.